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Multiple Teeth Replacement

The Challenge: "D." lost two upper front teeth due to a traumatic injury. The patient asked, while we were restoring his smile, what could be done to straighten out his misaligned and rotated upper right canine (eye-tooth). The appearance of this tooth had bothered him for years. The Solution: Two dental implants were placed on "D.'s" upper left to serve as man-made roots for the two teeth lost to injury. In three appointments, I placed two all ceramic (metal-free) crowns on the implants and an all ceramic crown over the rotated canine. This provided "D." with the smile he said he had always wanted. Dental implants are the ideal, state-of-the-art way to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Over the 40+ years dental implants have been in use, they have proven to be extremely reliable and long lasting. Implants are free-standing & do not depend on neighboring natural teeth for support. Implant restorations CANNOT get decay.

A very caring staff that delivers a great experience.

A very caring staff that delivers a great experience.

- Marlin S

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