General Dentistry in Chesterfield, MO

older couple with glasses smiling while cuddling on a couchAre you making your dental health the priority it should be? After all, we learn more and more each day about the connection between oral health and overall well-being. Research continues to point to the connection between poor oral health and serious diseases, including heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, and additional systemic conditions.

At Clarkson Dental Group, Dr. Scott Mahlin and his team offer the general dentistry services your family needs to keep their smiles healthy. Our goal is to help ensure your teeth last a lifetime with preventive care and dental treatment in Chesterfield, MO when you need it.

The Role of Your General Dentist

If you’re like many people, you see your primary physician for an overall wellness check once a year to keep your body healthy. For overseeing your oral health, a general dentist provides the same type of care. Routine dental visits enable Dr. Mahlin to discover potential issues while they are still small and easily treatable.

Clarkson Dental Group has been part of the neighborhood since the early 1990s, providing quality care with a small practice feel. You’ll never feel like just a number here nor will we rush you through appointments.

General and Preventive Dental Services

Our focus is always on prevention to help reduce costly dental care in the future. Routine dental examinations and teeth cleanings are a crucial part of the plan for a healthy smile.

But even with good home care and routine examinations and professional teeth cleanings, sometimes treatment is needed. We may be a small practice, but that doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on high-tech dentistry. Modern technology, such as digital x-rays, 3-D imaging, and intraoral cameras, means more accurate diagnoses and more comfortable patient care. From tooth-colored fillings to periodontal care, we can keep smiles healthy and functional.

Emergency Dental Treatment

Nobody wants to experience a dental emergency, but sometimes they happen—and usually at the most inconvenient times possible. When you experience the pain of a toothache, have lost a filling or other dental restoration, or have suffered a trauma, call Clarkson Dental Group. We will do our best to see that same day. Our usual protocol is to alleviate any pain or discomfort immediately, then we can schedule follow-up treatment if needed. If you have questions about the urgency of your situation, please give us a call!

Cosmetic and Restorative Services

If you would like to improve the look or function of your smile, we offer everything from teeth whitening and veneers to crowns and bridges and dental implants in Chesterfield, MO. Because a straight smile is a healthier smile that is easier to take care of, we also offer Invisalign clear braces for discreet teeth straightening.

Sedation Dentistry

dark haired woman laying down with crossed armsWe understand that dental anxiety keeps many people from getting the dental care they need. For patients with mild anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide. Nitrous is a safe gas that is breathed in through a mask. Its effects are felt almost immediately—and it leaves your system just as quickly. While we monitor your intake, you can relax for treatment while still retaining full consciousness.

Dr. Mahlin is one of the few dentists in the St. Louis, MO area—and even the entire state of Missouri—to offer IV sedation dentistry. This will allow you to completely relax for dental care so you will have no recollection of your dental procedure. It is an option available to our patients with severe dental phobia or who need to undergo lengthy treatment in one dental appointment.

Call to Schedule Your Next Dental Exam

Has it been a while since your last dental appointment? Whether you’re an old patient who has missed a few appointments or if you are looking for a new dental home, we would love to see you. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at our Chesterfield, MO dental office.