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Single Tooth Replacement

The Challenge: “M.” had been in an accident long ago, injuring her two upper front teeth. Both teeth had been crowned after the accident and the crowns were successful in restoring those teeth to beauty & function for many years. Over time, the patient's left tooth developed an un-treatable problem within the root and that incisor had to be extracted. When discussing our options for replacement, “M.” preferred not to use neighboring teeth to support a false tooth (a bridge), she wanted the ability to floss normally between the teeth, and she wanted a restoration that would last a long time. The Solution:

After a dental implant was placed by one of St. Louis’ most accomplished Implant Surgeons, I placed an all-ceramic crown on the implant and replaced the older porcelain to metal crown with a matching all-ceramic crown. These crowns were custom shaded to give them the most natural appearance possible. “M.” says she has regained confidence in her smile.

Ever pleasant and very capable service.

Ever pleasant and very capable service. Excellent routine as well as advanced care.

- John H

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