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Dental Implants

The Challege: “J.” came to us with an enormous challenge. She had lost 3 upper front teeth due to a cyst. Cysts are known to destroy bone and in “J.’s” case, lots of bone was lost along with the teeth. This defect, therefore, required the restoration of teeth, gum and bone for a successful esthetic and functional result. The Solution: Two dental implants were placed where the remaining natural bone permitted. Upon those 2 implants I placed a bridge to replace the teeth. The boney defect was filled in with tissue (gum) colored porcelain. The importance of the porcelain under the lip to replace the bone loss cannot be overstated.

This results in proper lip support, which allows for proper smile muscle function, which allows for a more natural smile. It also eliminates old age lines in the upper lip. The well match shade & shape of the teeth is “icing on the cake”. The result is that “J.” got her smile back and says that our result “far exceeded her expectations."

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Dental Implants
This is an exceptional dental group in every aspect

"This is an exceptional dental group in every aspect. Dr. Mahlin is an excellent dentist, compassionate and very skilled and knowledgeable in his field. He listens to and spends a great deal of time with his patients. And he has the very best staff around!! To a person, they are friendly, kind and sensitive to their patients’ concerns and needs. I would highly recommend this group to anyone!"

- Susan Jentes

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