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Will a toothache go away?

If a toothache is caused by irritation of the surrounding tooth support like the roof of your mouth, gums, lips, etc., then it is possible it can resolve on its own. Depending on the severity of the pain, a dental assessment might be required.

Minor Tooth Pain Causes

Temporary pain or irritation is often caused by a burn from hot food, trauma, or poor oral hygiene. However, lingering pain can indicate an underlying problem that is in need of a dental x-ray. Toothache symptoms should be assessed by Dr. Scott Mahlin of Chesterfield to determine the cause and to ensure a proper resolution.

What We Recommend at Clarkson Dental Group

If your toothache goes away, then the elimination of your pain may unfortunately not indicate that things are getting better. It could mean that your tooth, specifically the nerve inside your tooth, is compromised, potentially needing a dental filling, a dental crown prep, or a root canal. Even though you feel better, the potential infection of your tooth is still present, it could damage the surrounding bone around your tooth. We will make sure there is no infection that could grow into a bigger problem. At Clarkson Dental Group our team can help provide the proper diagnosis and treatment for your infected tooth. Book with us today if you have lingering dental pain.

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