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What is an oral abscess?

A tooth abscess is caused from a bacterial infection. It results in the formation of infected tissue (or a pus pocket). A tooth abscess is considered a dental emergency and treatment should not be delayed.

Leaving a tooth abscess alone

If untreated, an abscessed tooth could lead to more severe complications and spread throughout the rest of the body, potentially causing illness. A severe dental tooth abscess might result in a life-threatening situation. It is always better to treat an abscessed tooth early and not delay treatment.

The dental tooth abscess can be tricky. Some instances they can be very painful, or go unnoticed. Abscesses that hide easily can be found during your routine teeth cleaning appointment. They should be evaluated by Dr. Scott Mahlin who will provide the proper diagnostic test that will include a radiograph of the infected area. From the clinical and radiographic evaluation, we can discuss your treatment options. These may include antibiotics, endodontic (root canal) care, and/or extraction (tooth removal). It is important to note, the abscess will not go away on its own. In addition, an antibiotic will not ultimately eliminate or cure your dental tooth abscess. The source of the infection needs to be treated for definitive care.

Avoid an abscess with routine dental exams in Chesterfield

Keeping up with your twice a year dental appointments helps Dr. Mahlin catch potential infection from spreading. Book with us today! We are always taking new patients.

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