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Can dental implants last a lifetime?

Dental implants in Chesterfield can last a lifetime with proper care. This includes regular home care with adequate brushing and flossing. In addition, regular dental check-ups with our office are another factor that will determine how long your dental implant lasts. When it comes to your optimal dental health, we are here to provide assistance and care to ensure your implant lasts a lifetime.

Ensuring Optimal Outcomes for Dental Implants

Most dental implants are successful and provide our patients with years of comfortable use. However, the bone and supporting gum tissues occasionally fail to support the dental implant. If the supporting structure fails, the implant will need to be removed, allowed to heal, and replaced.   

Here are some valuable tips to help ensure both your implants and natural teeth last as long as possible:

  • Excellent oral hygiene with your daily home care routine. You must treat your dental implant with as much care as your natural teeth. Although dental implants and their components consist of the most advanced materials in dentistry, your dental implant is not bionic. We can help assist you with proper techniques and instrumentation to help you effectively clean your teeth and dental implants.
  • Eliminate destructive habits. Habits such as grinding and clenching (bruxism) can irreversibly damage teeth and implants. Don’t chew on pen caps, bite fingernails, tear packaging (i.e., ketchup packets), chew on ice, hard foods, or chewy and sticky foods. Do not smoke, vape, or utilize other tobacco products. 
  • Routinely visit your dentist. Regular dental teeth cleanings and checkups are essential to ensure your dental care is at its optimal performance. In addition, we can guide you toward the following steps if there is an issue.  

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