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I have a chipped tooth. Can you use dental bonding to repair it?

Dental bonding can usually repair minor chips, depending on the location of the damage. Before your treatment, Dr. Scott Mahlin performs an oral health exam to determine if dental bonding is the best treatment for you. 

How Dental Bonding Works 

Dr. Mahlin begins treatment by mixing the composite resin material to match the natural shade of your teeth. Your dentist then prepares the tooth's surface, applies a liquid bonding agent, and shapes the resin to the tooth in layers. We cure each layer using ultraviolet light until we perfectly rebuild the tooth. 

Dental bonding can repair and restore the following issues:

  • Chips and breaks
  • Cracks and fractures 
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps and uneven spacing
  • A tooth of irregular shape or size

Cavity or Broken Tooth? Your Chesterfield Dentist Can Help! 

At Clarkson Dental Group, we want you to have a comfortable and healthy smile. Once we repair your teeth, you will be free to enjoy life just like before without hiding your smile or experiencing pain. 

To ensure you and your family receive the exceptional dentistry you deserve, we offer an in-house dental membership plan with budget-friendly specials and offers. 

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