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Is a broken tooth considered a dental emergency?

When you have a dental problem, then our dental office is here to help. It is important to understand the difference between a routine dental issue that can wait or a real emergency that requires an emergency room visit.

man holding jaw from tooth pain during dental emergencyWhen a Dental Issue Is an Emergency

If the tooth problem can wait until the dentist sees you in the coming days, then it is not a dental emergency. Many times, problems that may seem urgent can actually wait for a day or so, as long as you can manage your comfort. For example, a chipped or cracked tooth/filling is an emergency if the fractured area is painful or sharp portions of the fracture are rubbing or damaging your surrounding tissues.  If you have a chipped tooth, immediate dental care can be temporarily delayed.  

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A dental emergency is necessary if you have lost a tooth, have infection and swelling, severe pain, bleeding from your mouth, or are having difficulty breathing or swallowing.  All these conditions require emergent dental care, and you may need to seek immediate dental treatment in the ER.  

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