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What to Do If Your Crown or Bridge Falls Off

March 16, 2022
Posted By: Clarkson Dental Group

There could be an instance where your crown or bridge may become dislodged from the supporting tooth. Don't panic. Losing a crown or bridge can happen, and our team is here to help you. We can guide you through the steps should this happen to you.

Should I Save My Lost Restoration?

If your crown or bridge becomes damaged or dislodged, please place it in a plastic bag or container for safe keeping until you arrive at your dental appointment. Our Chesterfield dentist can then assess your situation and provide the best treatment for your unique needs. 

Should I Repair My Crown or Bridge Myself?

Although there are some readily available, over-the-counter temporary cement products on the market, we strongly discourage anyone from attempting to repair their crown or bridge. The risk of incorrectly cementing the crown or bridge includes cementing it in the wrong position, not cementing it thoroughly, residual cement becoming attached to adjacent teeth or supporting tissues, and poor isolation allowing bacteria to leak under the crown. Please let us help you re-cement your crown or bridge so your smile stays healthy, beautiful, and comfortable.   

Why Is My Crown or Bridge Loose?

We will evaluate both the structural integrity of the crown or bridge and the natural tooth to which it's cemented. Crowns and bridges do not make you bionic, and the tooth is still potentially subject to cavities that start along the margin of the dental restoration. 

A small cavity can compromise the cement seal between the natural tooth and restoration. This progression will not only cause your crown or bridge to come uncemented, but it can also cause nerve damage or potential loss of your tooth.  

How Do You Repair Loose or Damaged Crowns and Bridges? 

Restoration Repair 

An uncemented crown or bridge can expose the underlying tooth structure. This exposure can lead to sensitivity because the nerve within the tooth doesn't have the extra layer of protection your crown or bridge provides.

Once we verify the crown or bridge is structurally sound, and your tooth is healthy with no cavities, we can cement your restoration. It's important to remember if your crown or bridge doesn't stay cemented, it's likely a retention issue between your tooth and crown or bridge. If this occurs, we will remake the crown or bridge for you.    

Restoration Replacement 

Some crowns and bridges cannot be recemented due to losing, fracturing, breaking, or deforming your crown or bridge. In addition, your natural tooth may have broken, have a cavity present, or require additional restorative care. If we cannot re-cement your crown or bridge, we will work to expedite the new replacement as soon as possible. We will always strive to ensure you leave with a smile you are proud to show.

Tooth Crowns and Dental Bridges in Chesterfield, MO

If you have a broken crown or bridge, please contact us immediately. Any delay could mean your crown or bridge will not fit due to shifting the affected tooth/teeth or adjacent teeth. In addition, teeth can become sensitive or painful without protecting a crown or bridge. Insulating and sealing the tooth by recementing the crown or bridge is critical to maintaining your tooth's health.  

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