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I have known Dr. Scott Mahlin for over 10 years and have consistently found him to be incredibly skilled, thoughtful, and a caring dentist who always puts the needs of the patient first.

Allan Schwartz, DDS, CRNA

St. Louis, MO

I work with hundreds of dentists in my oral surgery practice but Dr. Boyle is one of the best. Our partnership has spanned over many years so we have come to know each other quite well. Not only do we work together but I have also chosen him as my personal dentist. Dr. Boyle is very particular, thorough, gentle, and stays current on modern techniques in the world of dentistry. His professional experience is unmatched!

Oral Surgeon, Chesterfield, MO

Being a root canal specialist, I've had the pleasure of working with Dentists and Specialists all over the greater St. Louis area, including Illinois. Dr. Boyle ranks up there with the best that I have worked with. The quality of his work and his communication with the specialists he works with are second to none. I can't think of a better compliment to a Dr. than the referral of family members or friends-and I have referred both! If you are looking for a top General Dentist, look no further.

Richard Orrick DMD, MSD
Creve Coeur Endodontics

As a specialist, I have the privilege of working with many dentists and specialists in St. Louis, and its surrounding areas. Dr. Boyle is by far one of the best! His patients rave about this chair-side manner and rapport, his professional team, and quality of work. Our practice truly enjoys working with Dr. Boyle as we have great comfort in knowing that the communication and care regarding our mutual patients will progress with ease, and will always be in the best interest of their oral health and beautiful smiles.

Mazyar Moshiri DMD, MS, FICD
Moshiri Orthodontics
Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics,
Assistant Clinical Professor, St. Louis Univ.

As a practicing dentist of 34 years I see it all, "the good, the bad, and the ugly!" Sadly, in many ways, searching for dental care has become a "Buyer Beware" market. That, very simply, is why Bob is my dentist. I've known him for 37 years and as a fellow practitioner I know that he practices with the highest degree of integrity and technical excellence, always putting the patient's needs first. He is supported by one of the most caring, qualified teams I have ever known. To everyone at Clarkson Dental Group, "Thanks for all the great care you give me". All of my new dentistry looks great, has absolutely ZERO sensitivity, and has been completely comfortable from day one!!!

D. S., Dentist, St. Louis, MO

As a periodontist my practice is referral based so I see the dentistry performed by many superb
dentists in the St Louis area. I have been fortunate enough to work with many of Dr Bob Boyle's
patients over the past twenty five years and I have consistently observed the excellence of his work, his attention to detail and his appreciation for achieving functional and esthetic results.
And the bonus...Dr Boyle is an honest, caring, congenial gentleman who is surrounded by a
dedicated staff.

Dr. George Kyd, Periodontist, St. Louis, MO

As a root canal specialist the long term success of my treatment also depends on excellent restorative work being performed after the root canal is completed. Endodontists, such as myself, relish the opportunity to be part of a highly skilled dental team delivering the highest level of care. For this reason, I find great pleasure in the fact that I am part of Dr. Boyle's treatment team. I have the utmost confidence in the work he performs as well as the compassion with which he treats his patients. I find it to be an honor to work with such a high caliber dentist such as Dr. Boyle and look forward to continuing to provide the highest level of care to his patients.

E.M.F. DDS, MS - Endodontist
ST Louis County Endodontics

Dr Boyle is one of the top dentists in St. Louis. His attention to details and caring nature help his patients experience quality dentistry with every interaction. His team is friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. They are among the best.

Dr. Becky Schreiner, Orthodontist, Chesterfield, MO

As orthodontists we work with many different dentists and have always found Dr Boyle’s communication with us and the treatment of his patients to be outstanding. Dr Boyle has a great team working with him and their office is focused on taking care of their patients and providing customized quality dental services.

Dr. Cy Alizadeh, Orthodontist, Chesterfield, MO

Dr. Boyle & his staff run a great shop. The quality of care I have received over the years is absolutely the finest. Everyone is friendly, efficient, and it all seems effortless. I feel like I am family here.

E. S., Physician, Chesterfield, MO

As a professional and in a position to speak to groups, I would try to hide my smiles and teeth. I knew that my confidence was affected by this. I was always in great shape and took care to look my best. I never felt that my teeth reflected this. Although my teeth were very straight, and I had maintained good dental hygiene, they were not very pretty. I had a front tooth that was capped and several fillings in my front teeth. As dental work was needed, Dr. Boyle's technique and detail work have left me with a beautiful smile. I have been a patient of Dr. Boyle's for over 10 years, I have a beautiful smile since I met Dr. Boyle and I am sincere when I say "he is simply the best".

M.B., Physician, Ladue, MO


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