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If you think you would like a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere where we take the time to know you and your needs, we'd appreciate the chance to serve you. Our practice is state-of-the-art in every way but one -- we're old-fashioned when it comes to service. We still believe in treating every patient the way we'd like to be treated. Please contact us for an appointment.


As a practicing dentist of 34 years I see it all, "the good, the bad, and the ugly!" Sadly, in many ways, searching for dental care has become a "Buyer Beware" market. That, very simply, is why Bob is my dentist. I've known him for 37 years and as a fellow practitioner I know that he practices with the highest degree of integrity and technical excellence, always putting the patient's needs first. He is supported by one of the most caring, qualified teams I have ever known. To everyone at Clarkson Dental Group, "Thanks for all the great care you give me". All of my new dentistry looks great, has absolutely ZERO sensitivity, and has been completely comfortable from day one!!!

D. S., Dentist, St. Louis, MO

Dr. Boyle and Staff -
There are truly no words to express just how very grateful I am for you. You may not think that you have done anything out of the ordinary – but you have enabled me to face my challenge with grace and dignity. Because of your caring and compassionate care, I am finally able to break free from my past experience and move forward. And for that I will be forever grateful!

J.S., Business Owner, Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Dr. Boyle & his staff run a great shop. The quality of care I have received over the years is absolutely the finest. Everyone is friendly, efficient, and it all seems effortless. I feel like I am family here.

E. S., Physician, Chesterfield, MO

My wife and I have been using Dr. Boyle's services since 1996, when we moved to the St. Louis area. Even though we have since moved to southern Florida, we still have been unable to force ourselves to find a dentist where we now live, even though Dr. Boyle has rightfully told us we need to do so. Why do you think that is? If you read the other testimonials, they will give you a good idea! Not only is Dr. Boyle a great dentist from a technical point of view but, even more important to us, is his true concern for the comfort and welfare of his patients. Without this element of his make-up, he would be just another good dentist. To us, he has been far more than that, especially because he recognizes our fears and concerns and does whatever he can to minimize them. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. The staff follows Dr. Boyle's lead and are terrific to work with.

S.C., Attorney, Bonita Springs, FL

Dr. Boyle & his staff deliver dentistry with the utmost compassion and precision. This is not assembly line dentistry. This is on-on-one care with great attention to detail. In my opinion, this is how all health care should be done.

G.J., Health Care Administrator, Clayton, MO

I am a health care professional and my smile is very important to me. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Boyle and Clarkson Dental Group. From the moment you walk in the door, you know you are in great hands. The smiling, consistently warm staff greets you. The ladies up front always go above & beyond. Dr. Boyle has meticulous attention to detail. I can tell you that is becoming more rare in health care, unfortunately. When you are here, you feel as though you are the only person in the office. This is total dental care. Dr. Boyle has the latest technology, refers to St. Louis’ best specialists, when necessary, and always makes me feel very comfortable. I pay a little extra to see Dr. Boyle, due to my insurance plan’s restrictions, but it’s not that much more and I feel it is worth it. The crowns Dr. Boyle has done for me feel better, stronger, and more comfortable than my natural teeth. Don’t ever retire, Dr. Boyle.

J.W., Nurse Practitioner, St. Louis, MO

I used to think of a trip to the dentist as a “fate worse than death.” However, I have found that not all dentists are created equal. I am a Dr. Boyle converted patient. I am so impressed with Dr. Boyle and his staff, I can comfortably say that he is my dentist “till death do us part.”

Great quality dentistry affects your overall general health, your self-esteem and how society reacts to you based on the “visual first impression.”

The reason that Dr. Boyle rises above the rest is something that is obvious in dealing with him and his staff. Dr. Boyle uses only the finest quality products, latest techniques and finest dental laboratories to perform your dental work. The bottom line is, “Dr. Boyle treats your teeth as if they were his own.” Nothing goes into your mouth that Dr. Boyle wouldn’t use in his.

D.M., Retired Engineer, Maryland, Heights, MO

In all my years of going to the dentist, that was the first time I received a shot and didn't feel a thing.

Dr. Boyle is outstanding!

L.M., Domestic Engineer, Cape Cod, MA

Dr. Boyle has been my dentist since I was old enough to go to a dentist! I had to move away for college and live out of town full time now so I have tried other dentists but no one compares to Dr. Boyle. I gave up trying to find anyone even remotely close to him and now drive 2 hours one way just to see him. He is amazing with children and adults. While I know there are many other patients in his practice he remembers everything about me including my academic major, my family, and any other detail right down to the family pets! He is a wonderful person who I will continue to go to as well as bring my children to! I would recommend him to anyone!

B.G., Domestic Engineer, Ellington, MO

I had been a patient of Dr. Boyle's for years and respected the caliber of his workmanship (actually art) and the friendliness of his office staff. In 1998, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and saw a very competent dentist there. Yet when I needed major dental repair work performed, I decided to return to St. Louis and Dr. Boyle. The procedures that I needed done had to be carried out over several months. Dr. Boyle and his staff worked with me on scheduling the appointments to minimize my inconvenience. The end result was everything I could have hoped for and I continue to be a most grateful patient. I highly recommend Dr. Boyle's practice to anyone seeking the best, brightest, and friendliest group in town.

LA, Nurse Anesthetist, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Boyle,

I just want to thank you for giving me such a beautiful smile! More importantly, I truly appreciate the sincere interest, care and kindness you extended to me as a patient. Everyone went the extra mile to ensure I was comfortable - and the genuine way I was treated made for such a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for your gracious manner. I'm so happy with the results!


AM, Teacher, Arlington Heights, IL

Maintaining dental health has always been a challenge for me. Virtually every time I had a cleaning and exam, yet another problem was discovered. Although these problems were competently handled, I learned to dread the next exam! Then, based on the recommendation of another dental professional, I visited Dr. Boyle. After my cleaning, x-rays and exam, something very special happened. Instead of just announcing the inevitable cavity that needed treatment, Dr. Boyle proposed to me what I would call a strategic plan for my dental health and comfort! He had prioritized the few short-term problems and assessed probable long-term challenges. He then proposed a schedule of activity to solve the sort-term issues and reduce the chances of longer-term problems. And his staff had already researched my insurance coverage, so costs to me were predictable. Dr. Boyle, his staff, and I have carried out that plan together and it has been very successful. For me, an unfortunately very experienced dental patient, Clarkson Dental Group is a different world of dentistry.

JB, Museum Curator, Chesterfield, MO

Today I was excited to go to the dentist. Why? Today Dr. Boyle was removing two silver fillings and replacing them with resin fillings.

These particular teeth were ones that showed when I smiled. For years I was sure that when I smiled, everyone noticed the grey shadow they reflected from my silver fillings. I would smile less so those two teeth would not show. I even developed a smile that was crooked so one side smiled and the other covered those two teeth. I am sure it looked weird.

Not anymore. Thanks to Dr. Boyle, I now have two beautiful white teeth showing when I smile. I am smiling BIG now.

I also feel that my health has improved since I started having my silver fillings replaced with resin. I have been having this done over the past two years and I feel healthier and get far fewer sinus infections than before.

In any case I would recommend this procedure of having resin replace the old silver. It looks wonderful to see beautiful WHITE teeth.

Now the only silver I wear is my jewelry!

I am very happy with the result, Dr. Boyle.

Thank you,

MB, Ballet Dancer, St. Louis, MO

I have been a patient of Dr. Boyle and his exceptional staff at Clarkson Dental Group for over fifteen years. In that time, I have never experienced discomfort during any procedure and am thrilled that my crowns actually feel better than my original teeth. I would have Dr. Boyle replace all of my teeth with crowns if he'd let me.

In June of 2007, I moved to Wisconsin, but I still gladly travel over 500 miles to see Dr. Boyle for all my dental appointments. No matter where life may take me, I will always return to Dr. Boyle and Clarkson Dental Group.

JM, Technical Architect, Stevens Point, WI

I drive 21 miles from Lafayette Square, in the city of St. Louis, to Chesterfield so Dr. Boyle can be my dentist because I know my teeth and oral health are in good hands. However, what keeps me coming back is the relationship I have developed with Dr. Boyle and his staff over the years. They are friendly, caring, and put me at ease. Dr. Boyle and his staff have changed my attitude toward a visit to the dentist's office. They make it a more relaxed and less anxious experience.

JC, Marketing Director, St. Louis, MO

As a person who has moved many times in his life, I know what it is like to find a good doctor and dentist in your new city.

I have faced that challenge more times than I want to count. I am a person who has a problem of getting numb for dental work and surgeries. So you can imagine how much I look forward to going to the dentist. I have many stories but one of my best is going to the dentist office 30 to 45 minutes before my appointment to get my shots of Novocain, leaving the office, and returning at my appointment time and still not being numb. This is what I have faced until I met Dr. Robert Boyle.

One of the first questions at my first visit with Dr. Boyle was; "Have you had any bad experiences at a dental office?" Are you kidding me? How much time do you have for my stories? After hearing a short version of my dental history, Dr. Boyle assured me he would do everything in his power to make my visit a positive experience. Dr. Boyle has exceeded my expectations. I have found that Dr. Boyle does care about his patients and their particular needs, by taking his time and not just rushing to get it done.

Doing some research, Dr. Boyle found a new anesthetic being used and brought some in for my next visit. He told me he had heard good things about this product and would like to try it with me. Of course I said "Yes!!" I have to say that appointment was the best dental experience of my life. I thank Dr. Boyle for the time he took to research the product and his gentle, professional care. My entire family goes to Dr. Boyle and all have had only positive experiences. I also have many friends I have sent to Dr. Boyle.

KC, Business Owner, Chesterfield, MO

Because of an accident, I lost several upper front teeth. I had decided that I wanted dental implants to replace those teeth. My former dentist had minimal experience with implants and he could not adequately answer my questions about them. I wanted to do my implants with a more experienced dentist. I found Dr. Boyle and saw him for a consultation at no charge. I was amazed Dr. Boyle took so much time with me (45 minutes), someone who was not (and might not ever be) his patient. Dr. Boyle fully explained the implant process, including a time-line and fees. I was also very impressed with the niceness of the staff.

I can tell you I am totally glad I went this route. My permanent teeth look like my natural teeth and feel like my natural teeth, before the accident. I would highly recommend Dr. Boyle to anyone seeking great dental care.

G.J., Retired Research Scientist, Wildwood, MO

To Dr. Boyle and his professional and caring staff, "Thank you for all you do to create a professional and friendly atmosphere for all of your clients. Dr. Boyle is not just my dentist. I consider him a good friend.

CK, Business Owner, Town & Country, MO

I love it when others compliment me on my smile. They are referring to my teeth! Thanks to Dr. Boyle, I smile more beautifully and confidently. More importantly, I know that I have the best dentist in the area and if I have a problem, he will quickly take care of it. His office is the most efficient, friendly, and helpful that you will ever encounter. Dr. Boyle is thorough, he explains everything and really cares that you are satisfied. He is the most gentle dentist I have ever experienced, doing all he can to prevent discomfort. If ever necessary, I would travel a great distance to continue my dental care with Dr. Boyle.

MD, Business Executive, Wildwood, MO

As a professional and in a position to speak to groups, I would try to hide my smiles and teeth. I knew that my confidence was affected by this. I was always in great shape and took care to look my best. I never felt that my teeth reflected this. Although my teeth were very straight, and I had maintained good dental hygiene, they were not very pretty. I had a front tooth that was capped and several fillings in my front teeth. As dental work was needed, Dr. Boyle's technique and detail work have left me with a beautiful smile. I have been a patient of Dr. Boyle's for over 10 years, I have a beautiful smile since I met Dr. Boyle and I am sincere when I say "he is simply the best".

MB, Physician, Ladue, MO

I just wanted to say thank you for making my teeth look so good. I couldn't be happier with how the bonding turned out. I felt a lot more confident about smiling for my wedding pictures.

LF, Educator, Maryland Heights, MO

Carol and I have been going to Dr. Boyle for over seven years and we can always count on a pleasant smile from him and his staff. Friendly is the first word to use when describing his establishment. I have been to other dentists before Dr. Boyle who couldn't zero in on my tooth pain. Dr. Boyle used his miniature TV camera, spotted the hair line crack in one of my teeth and the problem was repaired. When everything goes exactly as planned, life is easy, but when things don't, you will find out right away the difference in the average business and someone who is determined to make it perfect. That is the key to good service. We always send anyone who asks about a dentist to Dr. Boyle. In fact a friend of ours sent us to him.

JF, Company President, Chesterfield, MO

When I first stepped in the door of Dr. Boyle's office, I was just another patient with a dental emergency. When I went home that day, I was pain free and a new member of the Clarkson Dental Group family.

All these years later, Dr. Boyle still treats me, and my husband Phil, with the utmost care and compassion. He always listens to our concerns and takes a personal interest in our overall health and well-being. He and his wonderful team always watch carefully for signs of discomfort during procedures and they have a wonderful way of putting us at ease. We actually look forward to our appointments!

We wouldn't trust our dental care to anyone else.

PG, Television and Corporate Spokesperson, St. Louis, MO

I continually get compliments on my "new" smile. Thanks for your great skill and care.

GH, Attorney, Clayton, MO

I did not like showing my teeth because they were crooked. I began to feel very insecure about my teeth, more than I really ever knew. I am aware now that I never would smile in pictures with my teeth showing and developed mannerisms of holding my hands around my mouth while I talked or ate.

Dr. Boyle and I discussed a "Smile Makeover". He thoroughly educated me as to the pros and cons of the veneer procedure, as well as alternative treatment options. Dr. Boyle then did a three dimensional "mock-up" which allowed me to see the proposed smile in advance of any treatment. I made my decision to proceed with the veneers.

Now, I am more comfortable smiling and I am more confident. Dr. Boyle has given me a great smile. I constantly receive complements on my smile. And the best part is that everyone thinks they are my real teeth. Dr. Boyle, I hope my words convey how happy I am with everything you did for me.

TR, Business Owner, St. Louis, MO

My introduction to Dr. Boyle and the staff of Clarkson Dental Group was the product of chance. I was new to St. Louis, and Clarkson Dental Group was located near my new employer. Unlike the chance of meeting however, the quality of care that I have received from Dr. Boyle and his staff could not have been better had the introduction been planned. My dental care requirements, while not being uncommon, were nonetheless extreme. A severe overjet (aka overbite) had resulted in significant and detrimental wear patterns on 27 of my 28 teeth. Although in my late 30's, much of the enamel on my teeth had been worn away. My teeth were in imminent danger of being ground to their roots. The gold standard treatment when dealing with situations such as mine consists of orthodontia, orthognathic surgery and crowning of most, if not all, teeth. For a variety of reasons, orthodontia and orthognathic surgery were not an option for me. From our initial meeting and series of office visits over the course of two years, Dr. Boyle took the time necessary to stabilize issues related to tooth wear. During this time he observed, and proposed a measured and well thought out strategy to establish a proper bite and to restore my teeth with crowns. Then with timing that was comfortable to me (an additional two and a half years), Dr. Boyle executed his plan. The overall result has been better than I ever expected!! For the first time in my adult life I have a mechanically sound bite, a bite that with proper maintenance will last the rest of my life. Moreover, I have what I believe is a "Hollywood smile". Based upon my experience, I would recommend Dr. Boyle and his staff to anyone who wants dental care that is of the highest quality.

AS, Biochemist, Chesterfield, MO

Are you trying to find a really great dentist? I can point you in the right direction. I've had dental work done all over the United States and have had good and bad experiences, but never superior experiences until I moved to St. Louis and found Dr. Boyle and his staff. If you are like me, you want a dentist who is superior, not just average; someone who listens, is gentle and who treats you with respect. From the moment I walk in, any anxiety that I may be feeling is quickly evaporated in this warm and caring environment. Most importantly, I am sure that I am getting the greatest dental care the profession has to offer. I'm still amazed that he can give you Novocain and you don't even feel the shot. He is an absolute perfectionist.

GZ, Publisher and Professional Model, Kirkwood, MO

I wanted to shoot you a note in order to say thanks for such great care I have received at The Clarkson Dental Group. I came to Dr. Boyle with a big smile problem. Due to an injury as a boy, I was watching my front tooth slowly die. The tooth had to come out. Dr. Boyle walked me through the whole process and based on the feedback I've gotten from friends and family, my smiles has never looked better. His work on me was not just great. It was perfect. From the moment I walked into the office 4 years ago with that problem, and through my continuing care, I cannot recommend strongly enough the positive experiences I have had at Clarkson Dental Group. They truly serve their patients with great care.

DE, C.E.O., St. Louis, MO

My description of Dr. Boyle

Golden Hearted Dentist, who practices the Golden rule.

He is:
A True Professional
Very Competent
And Definitely NOT Scary..

Dr. Boyle has a wonderful sunny, caring staff who make his office seem like "Cheers", where everybody knows your name and they are very glad you came.

Thanks for everything.

PW, Medical Practice Consultant, St. Louis, MO

Dear Dr. Boyle

I want to thank you and your entire staff for the warm welcome and excellent counsel you provided during my visit today. The staff member who took my initial call and scheduled the consultation was more than courteous - she was friendly and helpful, a response rarely seen any longer in busy healthcare practices. It was such a pleasure to be welcomed to the practice by your front office team this morning and to be seen so promptly. It's always difficult to schedule a dental practice to minimize delays and your group has certainly got it down to a science. I appreciate the time you spent discussing the various treatment options and your unbiased and candid recommendation that I consider Orthodontia. I look forward talking with the Orthodontists whose cards you shared today. Again, thank you for your time and the outstanding professionalism and courtesy of your entire team. You can be sure I will recommend your practice to friends and colleagues for both cosmetic and general dental care.


CB, Publisher, St. Louis, MO

I have been going to Dr. Boyle for I believe about 5-6 years now. I absolutely adore him and his staff. Before I found this office, I absolutely hated going to the dentist. They would poke me and hurt me, and yell at me for not flossing enough. It was terrible... Now I go in, am greeted by name when I walk in by the lovely ladies up front, and then get top notch dental care once I make it back to the chair. You don't see anything fancy in this office. No flat screens or anything of that nature. They spend their money where it matters. With excellent top tier equipment and materials, and most importantly a wonderful staff. Namely my hygienist Kim. By far the best hygienist I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. She has a very gentle touch, while still cleaning my teeth to perfection. She is very friendly, and makes nice conversation to distract you from the cleaning. They also do a great job on fillings and crowns, and can offer payment arrangements on a case by case basis. As one of the other reviews have stated though, the insurance does not pay them, they pay you. I like this feature however, especially on more expensive things, I pay for them upfront, and get airline miles on my credit card, and then just use my insurance check to pay my card off. Its a win win! So all in all, if you are even remotely unhappy with your dentist, or would just love to try out someone new, this is your best bet in St. Louis hands down!

Dustin Otten

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