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When Dr. Boyle initially recommended a dental implant, my immediate concerns were how much will it cost and how much will it hurt. As it turned out, neither one was an issue. Now six months post-implant, I am very happy I took Dr. Boyle’s advice. My implant was so professionally placed that I have forgotten I even have an implant. It does not feel any different from my natural teeth.

In summation, if Dr Boyle recommends a dental implant, I strongly advise you follow his excellent advice, as many of us already have.

J.C., Medical Equipment Sales Representative, Chesterfield, MO

I needed to replace my four lower incisors, not just one. I felt compelled to seek several opinions before making a final decision. I had a total of 4 opinions in the process. In the end, I decided that I always had the highest confidence in Dr. Boyle; I knew he had my best interest at heart and that I had every intention of continuing to be his patient. Therefore, I decided I was going to do exactly as Dr. Boyle instructed. The fitting of the bridge required several visits but everything went well and the Clarkson Dental Group office staff and assistants did a great job. At the final fitting, Dr. Boyle noticed a small defect in the porcelain of the bridge. He was unwilling to have even the smallest defect in his work and he sent the bridge back to the lab for correction. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Boyle would accept nothing less than perfection. As of now I have had four functioning incisors for about 6 months and they have been completely trouble free.

Thank you again for the great job you did for me, Bob. Your professional skills got me through a potentially difficult time with an outstanding result and I will be forever grateful!

As a veterinarian, I know how important it is for some clients to be able to talk to other clients about their experience with certain problems. If any of you patients would like to discuss the process with me, feel free to have them call me.

W.H., DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Because of an accident, I lost several upper front teeth. I had decided that I wanted dental implants to replace those teeth. My former dentist had minimal experience with implants and he could not adequately answer my questions about them. I wanted to do my implants with a more experienced dentist. I found Dr. Boyle and saw him for a consultation at no charge. I was amazed Dr. Boyle took so much time with me (40 minutes), someone who was not (and might not ever be) his patient. Dr. Boyle fully explained the implant process, including a time-line and fees. I was also very impressed with the niceness of the staff.

I can tell you I am totally glad I went this route. My permanent teeth look like my natural teeth and feel like my natural teeth, before the accident. I would highly recommend Dr. Boyle to anyone seeking great dental care.

G.J., Retired Research Scientist, Wildwood, MO

You must have a lot of trust in the person who will be in charge of rebuilding your mouth. Dr. Boyle was and still is my choice.

My situation was complicated and there were many steps involved. The work on my mouth included 6 implants, a permanent bridge and several crowns. It took almost 2 years to complete the work. But as Dr. Boyle said, it took decades to get to where I was before we started, and so it took a while to make things right again. I experienced no pain in all the work that was done on my teeth and implants.

In the end, it was well worth it and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Boyle is a great doctor and a great person. His staff is the best. They made everything easier and were in my corner all the way.

D. T., Retired, St. Charles, MO

If you need to replace a missing natural tooth, there is no better way than a dental implant. Dr. Boyle’s final result is so much like my natural teeth that I forget it is there.

K.K., Retired Executive, Chesterfield, MO

I would like to share my experience with Dr. Robert Boyle with those who wish to have dental implants. I lived with removable partial dentures for 30 years. Because of discomfort, I wanted to have dental implants and visited several dental professionals with no results. I was told that due to long time use of partial dentures and the loss of bone, my gums would not support the implants. That all changed when I visited Dr. Boyle.

I recently completed dental implants with Dr. Boyle and I am elated with the results. If you have given up on the idea of dental implants, please see Dr. Boyle and be as happy as I am every time I sit down for a meal.

L.S., Business Owner, St. Louis, MO

As a dental hygienist, I am very particular about my teeth and my smile. You can’t imagine how I felt upon breaking a front tooth on popcorn and finding out I needed to have that tooth extracted. Dr. Boyle sent me to a very talented Periodontist, who removed my tooth and placed a dental implant. Then Dr. Boyle took great care and patience with me. His experience and expertise was evident during the entire process. The final result is wonderful. My crown looks and feels so natural. I now get compliments on my smile. Dr. Boyle gave me back my confidence.

D.E., Dental Hygienist, Ellisville, MO

It has been well over 10 years that I had my implant done by Clarkson Dental Group. The procedure went very smoothly and with no discomfort. I have never had any regrets about having an implant. The only extra care I take is to make sure floss well around that tooth frequently. I have relatives and friends who have had bridge work in their mouth and they have more problems with bridges breaking or coming loose. So far, I have had no performance problems whatsoever. I would recommend an implant to anyone.

M.P., Housewife, Chesterfield, MO

One of my upper teeth had given me a problem for years. I had had a root canal and two crowns on this tooth with no success. Dr. Boyle presented the options of removing the tooth and making a bridge or going through the process of receiving a dental implant. I chose the dental implant. This turned out to be a very good decision. It was a painless procedure and I was very impressed with the care that was taken by Dr. Boyle to ensure that the implant was a success. My “bionic tooth” feels and looks like a regular tooth and I have been very pleased with it.

M.G., Retired Educator, Chesterfield, MO


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