Saliva Test

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The most important, recent technologic advancement in the treatment of Periodontal (Gum) disease is actually a very simple test, referred to as the MyPerioPath Test.  This test has led to a break-through in the treatment of gum disease.  Many people have successfully avoided losing teeth due to decay, but the leading cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease.  Clarkson Dental Group now offers this new test that uses a sample of your saliva.  This test helps us determine who is more genetically susceptible to developing gum disease and which specific bacteria are causing an individual’s gum infections, if they have them.  Those specific bacteria can then be treated/targeted with the appropriate antibiotics, in addition to any periodontal therapy that may be recommended.

So our new tests allow us to better treat the bacteria responsible for your gum problems, therefore positively impacting your overall health & well-being.


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