Smile Transformations

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Often the treatment necessary to properly restore a person’s mouth to optimal oral health requires several different approaches.  Sometimes it is necessary to replace single missing teeth with implant supported crowns.  In a case where multiple missing teeth are to be replaced,  natural tooth supported bridges or dental implant supported bridges may be necessary.  Natural teeth with especially large fillings may need strengthening with crowns. Veneers have proven to be an valuable choice for improving esthetics in specific situations.  Frequently in larger cases, we are required to utilize a combination of these approaches to achieve the functional and esthetic result desired by our patients.  From both the patient’s point of view and Dr. Mahlin’s, these results can be the most rewarding because of the dramatic improvement in chewing function, health and the often life changing improvement in appearance.  We collectively call these cases “Smile Transformations”, also referred to as "Smile Make Overs", because there is no one procedure that offers these often spectacular results.

 If you have any questions regarding Smile Make Overs, Dr. Mahlin would be happy to discuss them with you.


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