Cosmetic Bonding

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Bonding is a general term used to describe the adhesion of a dental restoration to a tooth. Tooth colored fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges are all secured by bonding today. The bonding process provides a stronger connection between the adhesive and the tooth, as well as the adhesive and the restoration, than previously used dental cements.

The term "bonding" is also commonly used to describe the procedure of securing a tooth colored filling material (composite resin) to teeth to achieve beautiful cosmetic results in a fast, comfortable and relatively inexpensive manner.



Bonding is also useful in closing spaces between teeth or to change the color and shape of teeth. Usually requiring a single office visit, bonding typically lasts 5-10 years. Bonding is more susceptible to staining and chipping than other restorative materials due to the nature of composite resins. However, bonding can be more affordable than some other options, which include dental laboratory produced porcelain restorations (veneers and crowns).


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