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Dental insurance can be beneficial in helping patients cover a portion of their dental treatment. However, dental insurance can be very confusing and difficult to understand for many people due to the complexities of the policies and the lack of information available from insurance companies.

Dental insurance is NOT like medical insurance. The majority of medical insurance plans cover the entire cost of treatment with the patient contributing a minimal co-pay. Once the patient pays the co-pay, they may never hear from the medical office or insurance company again regarding payment. Dental insurance plans rarely cover 100 percent of any dental fee, and in many cases, cover less than 50 percent or nothing at all.

Dental insurance companies are not concerned about coverage for optimal dental care, but provide coverage for only basic services, regardless of the quality. Benefits are determined by a contractual agreement between an insured's employer and the insurance company, according to what the employer can afford. Unfortunately, some of the services you may need or want may not be covered by your insurance.

All dental insurance plans have a dollar amount limitation they will pay each calendar or benefit year. Once this maximum amount has been paid, no other services will be covered by your insurance company for that benefit year, regardless how essential or necessary the service may be to your dental health.

Our office is dedicated to providing the best dental care available. Our mission is to access your oral health and educate you on how to improve your health, prevent problems from arising, and when necessary, provide the highest quality dental treatment, using state of the art equipment, techniques and materials.

We encourage our patients to be as familiar with their dental insurance plans as possible. We will be happy to submit your dental insurance claims for you, usually on the same day of your appointment, and assist you in understanding and maximizing your dental insurance benefits.

Our patients come to our office because we provide the high quality dental care and service they feel they deserve, .whether they have insurance or not.

If you have any questions about dental insurance, please call or e-mail any of our receptionists, all of whom are very knowledgeable regarding dental insurance. 


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