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The best way to replace a missing tooth

July 28, 2022
Posted By: Clarkson Dental Group
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At Clarkson Dental Group we have a variety of options to replace a missing tooth. Dr. Scott Mahlin has several services and procedures that will best fit your cosmetic dental needs.

Tooth replacement options at our Chesterfield MO Clinic

These include fixed (options that cannot be removed) or removable (options that can be taken in and out by the patient). If a candidate, most patients prefer the fixed options. These fixed options include a bridge or an implant. Think of a bridge as connecting one piece of land to another. A dental bridge connects either tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. An implant best serves to replace a missing tooth without attaching it to the adjacent teeth. A dental implant truly replaces your missing tooth and allows you to eat, speak, and remain in optimal dental health.

A removable option includes a partial. A partial does not stay attached to adjacent teeth or supporting tooth structures. Instead, it has retentive clasps or grooves that help hold it in place. The patient can remove it to clean it and the supporting teeth. It is normal to have discomfort with a partial, specifically the first few weeks of wearing one. Patients often feel they are awkward and bulky until they get accustomed to them.

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