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Single Tooth Replacement

The Challenge: "K." had a congenitally missing front lateral tooth. This is a condition where a permanent tooth does not develop. The other lateral tooth was undersized, a condition referred to as a "peg-lateral". Orthodontic treatment resulted in creating optimal alignment of the teeth. "K." wanted to fill in the missing tooth and make the "skinny" tooth wider, to make her smile more "even" (symmetric). The Solution: First, we whitened "K.'s" teeth. Then I restored the missing tooth with an all-ceramic crown over a dental implant. I matched the "peg-lateral" to the implant crown by veneering that tooth. These results were completed in three appointments.

"K." said says she is thrilled with her new smile. Dental implants are the ideal way to replace a missing teeth. For over 40 years, dental implants have proven to be extremely reliable. Implants do not depend on natural teeth for support. Implant restorations CANNOT get decay.

It was a great experience!

"Everyone in the office, from the front office to the hygienist (Nikki) to Dr. Mahlin, was incredibly friendly, professional and very welcoming. They explained everything very thoroughly and answered all of my questions. It was a great experience!"

- Jeremy Amato

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