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Crowns (Caps)

The Challenge: This patient came to us when his front tooth fractured off at the gum line. After rebuilding the tooth structure, we constructed a custom shaded (colored) all ceramic crown. This new all-ceramic crown has restored the proper shape, length, and color of the broken natural tooth. Once again, color, texture and shape all play a role in the natural, pleasing result. The unique characteristics of this patient’s natural teeth were duplicated within the new crown, resulting in a crown which blends nicely with the surrounding natural teeth.

It is only with the help of an exceptional dental laboratory technician that a single crown such as this can integrate so well as to virtually disappear. The Solution: All ceramic crowns are the state-of-the-art in natural looking crowns. We can achieve a much more natural look with these restorations because light is transmitted through the crown in much the same way light passes through your natural teeth.

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Very attentive, thorough staff!!

Very attentive, thorough staff! Was in today receiving a crown and fillings-I felt absolutely nothing during the procedure and was impressed with how quickly the appointment went and how thoroughly the dentist explained everything. I highly recommend this dental group!

- Tracie S.

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